CJ's BUTTer® Mini Pot - PLUS

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CJ's BUTTer balm mini pot - PLUS formula
15ml Mini Pot

CJ's BUTTer® PLUS has all the benefits of Original CJ's BUTTer® plus ingredients that treat fungal skin problems naturally.

The neem oil and sesame oil in CJ's BUTTer® PLUS make it especially effective when diaper rashes and skin irritations are yeast based thanks to the anti-fungal properties of both oils!

CJ’s BUTTer® was originally created to be the very best all-natural, cloth diaper safe baby butt cream ever. It is internationally recognizes as such, but is so very much more. CJ’s BUTTer® is made with all natural ingredients and has been used as a deep healing balm to treat such skin troubles as:
Very dry/chapped skin
Mechanic’s hands
Hang nails
Dry, cracked feet
Bug Bites
Cold sores
Hair conditioning treatment
Sunburn pain and peeling
Allergy rash and itchiness
Wind burned cheeks
Alligator elbows
Incontinence protection
Diaper rash
Cradle Cap
Stretch Marks
And more uses are found all the time!  Bottom LineCJ’s BUTTer® quickly absorbs into the skin and goes to work making skin healthy.
Shea Butter
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Cocoa Butter
Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
Colloidal Oatmeal
Neem Oil
Sesame Oil

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